‘Internal Medicine Specialists of Las Vegas’ is a traditional adult and adolescent primary care office. Internal Medicine doctors are basically family doctors for adults and adolescents (13 years of age and older). We can do wellness checkups, full physicals, take care of your cold and flu problems as well as manage complicated patients with multi organ disease.

In addition, our office offers some specialized areas of patient care to include the following:

  • Cold laser therapy – used in the treatment of pain, cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses a low-intensity laser light to reduce pain and inflammation. It can also help heal wounds and injuries.
  • Back pain treatment – back pain is a common ailment but one that can really ruin your quality of life. Our experienced physicians and chiropractors can help you to manage and treat your pain effectively. We can put together a personalized treatment plan and take care of pain management, physical medicine, rehabilitation, chiropractic care, massage or a combination of these treatments.
  • Pain management – pain isn’t something you should just have to put up with anymore. It can be controlled with a combination of treatments to ensure you enjoy a much improved quality of life. Depending on the type of pain you are suffering we can use a wide variety of skills to treat it, both through medication, physical therapy and alternative treatments such as acupuncture.
  • Women’s health – Here at Internal Medicine Specialists of Las Vegas, our holistic approach extends to women’s health. We place an important emphasis on prevention and education. We encourage all of our women patients, be they long term or dropping in, to learn as much as they can about the factors that contribute to their health condition so they can make informed choices.

When you visit Internal Medicine Specialists of Las Vegas, you can rest assured that you will receive compassionate and confidential care addressing your physical and psychological needs.