Meet the Providers

IMS of Las Vegas is an Academic Center of Excellence. We have over 30 Internal Medicine Physicians, most in their final stages of training, that practice out of our evidence based medical clinic. Although all of our physicians are licensed doctors with all the privileges of any other physician, because they are finishing their training they are still fully supervised. We practice the most up to date evidence based medicine. We employ many web and software based programs to ensure that you are receiving the most current standard of care. We have both male and female physicians and represent many cultures and 18 different languages. Call or contact us today and we will pair you up with the right doctor for you.

Jennifer Cribb

(APN, MSN, FNP-BC): Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer has been working at IMS Las Vegas since 2005 and is a popular figure among the medics and patients alike. Her passion for healing led her to study for a Master of Science in Nursing at the University of Nevada's nursing school. Before and after her graduation she gained a wealth of experience in critical care, as a flight nurse, in emergency and intensive care and as a clinical educator.

Here at Internal Medicine Specialists of Las Vegas, Jennifer provides primary medical services including assessment of health problems, prescribing, and ordering of diagnostic testing. She has a special touch with patients and takes a holistic approach to her work claiming:

"I believe in full therapeutic lifestyle changes, proper nutrition, and appropriate prescription medication should come together to optimize health and well-being."